AmeriFlex Convenience Card

In 1999, AmeriFlex pioneered the use of health care debit card technology with the introduction of the AmeriFlex Convenience Card. With the AmeriFlex Convenience Card, participants could more easily access the pre-tax funds in their Flexible Spending Accounts, while receiving immediate reimbursement of their medical, dependent care, and commuter expenses by simply presenting their card at the point of service. The hassles and delays associated with manual paper claims were effectively eliminated.

Since then, AmeriFlex has continued to lead the industry when it comes to delivering more convenient, cost-effective health care payments solutions. AmeriFlex now offers a consolidated FSA/HRA/HSA/CRA platform with single participant pricing. Our state of the art debit card technology offers the flexibility to handle a multitude of plan designs on a single card, which in turn allows for seamless compatibility with electronic payment systems and a more user-friendly experience for participants.